Art lessons with Ping.

Today our main focus was art. We paged through The Story About Ping and I asked Alex if she could tell what the artist used to make the pictures. Colored pencils or crayons, we agreed. I pointed out some places where different colors of pencil were blended together to create subtle shadings and color variations. Alex enjoyed putting her head right up to the page and finding all the colors that had been used.

Next we got out her colored pencils and tried making drawings in which colors are blended together. I’m not going to show you mine, but Alex’s turned out beautifully:


The thing in the foreground is a houseboat traveling down the yellow Yangtze River. The tall pointy things are mountains. The sun is setting behind them, which is why the sky is red. Below the sunset is a secret door into the mountains. The door, the mountains, and the sky are all examples of blended colors. Alex spent a lot of time on this picture and gave it a great deal of careful thought.

After I went to work, Alex and her nanny and her nanny’s daughter did another project I had picked out. Although it isn’t the right time of year for it, they made New Year’s decorations by painting the character for “good fortune” on red paper. You can see here that Alex’s final product diverged somewhat from the model, but I still think it’s not bad considering her age.


They also watched another short video about a child’s life in China. This one featured a young boy’s calligraphy lessons and his efforts to make New Year’s decorations, so it matched the craft nicely.

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  1. AZ says:

    Wonderful drawing!

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