Latin and the little brother.

Sorry for the break in posting. I’ve had a lot going on, which hopefully I’ll be able to post about soon, and Alex has not had a lot going on – she had two weeks off for spring break, including a wonderful week of camp at a local nature center.

We have definitely noticed the step up in difficulty between Lively Latin 1 and Lively Latin 2. Alex is up to the challenge, but she’s not memorizing the vocabulary quite as quickly as she used to, and now she gets a new list in every chapter instead of every other chapter. When we picked Latin back up again after spring break, it was clear that we needed to stop and finish nailing down the recent vocabulary lists before we would be able to move any further.

Enter Latin Bingo:

2013-04-18 10.50.44

I made Alex a quick little Bingo card with Latin words and gave her a bowl of dried beans to mark her squares. Then I called out words in English and she tried to find them on her card. Colin also got a Bingo card with words from Alex’s recent Latin vocabulary lists, except that he had to match the English words I read with clip art pictures.

2013-04-18 10.27.48

I’m not as good as I’d like to be at finding learning activities that benefit both kids, given their age difference. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. Colin got some good searching-and-finding practice and a vocabulary lesson (which picture shows reward? How about announce?), and Alex got quite a bit of vocabulary practice. Because the kids’ Bingo cards weren’t identical, I called out plenty of words that weren’t on her list. She had to translate them into Latin in her mind before she could find them, or not, on her card. They played two rounds of regular Bingo and a round of “blackout Bingo,” and they are eager to play again tomorrow.

I might make this a regular feature for every chapter. Looking ahead, I see that next list has plenty of good vocabulary words for Colin, like breastplate, command, and conquer. Words that every four-year-old boy needs to know! And games are so good for morale.

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2 Responses to Latin and the little brother.

  1. Kyndra says:

    I’m hoping to start Lively Latin with my two big ones next year and love the idea of vocabulary bingo! Number three has some speech issues and the English vocabulary enhancement would be good for him.

    Any chance you could take your bingo cards and make them into a printable for others to download and use? …K

  2. We’re still slogging through Lively Latin 1. I love the idea of including a younger sibling the way you did! We’ll have to try that with my 5 year old.

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