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Return to Five in a Row: Science with Lentil.

The other night, rocking in Daddy’s lap in the darkened bedroom, Colin looked up at Michael and said, “You know what, Daddy? I think Lentil is fiction. The things could have happened in real life, but you can usually tell … Continue reading

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Soil is a filter.

We’re studying soil now in earth science, which dovetails nicely with the farm program that I wrote about in my last post. Today the kids spent a surprising amount of time playing on a soil website, watching little animations and … Continue reading

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Alex’s rock museum.

We’re finishing up the Intellego Geology chapters on Minerals and Rocks this week, just in time for Alex’s spring break. The curriculum encourages doing some kind of response activity at the end of each section. For rocks and minerals, Alex … Continue reading

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Peanut butter and jelly geology.

In earth science, after our initial tour of the earth’s formation and composition and its violent tectonic forces, Alex has started studying minerals. Today we did a great activity to understand how mineral deposits are laid down in the earth’s … Continue reading

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Journey to the center of the earth.

(Is earth science all we do anymore? No, it’s just the most fun to write about.) We’ve been learning all about the interior of the earth this week. It’s one of things Alex already knew a fair bit about, because … Continue reading

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The unfathomably long history of earth.

It’s almost impossible to wrap your mind around the sheer magnitude of geologic time. Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago – what does that number even mean, compared to quantities of time that are more familiar to us? How … Continue reading

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Alex writes an “essay.”

With our new study of earth science, Michael and I decided that it was time to start requiring Alex to do some independent writing. Once a week, we’re asking her to write a few sentences explaining something she’s learned about … Continue reading

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Earth science.

Today was our first day back from Christmas break, and our first day of formal science since we finished Real Science Odyssey: Chemistry in November. We won’t normally be doing science on Wednesdays, but Alex and I were both eager … Continue reading

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SciGirls: the right way to do it.

We’ve made a new discovery recently: the TV show SciGirls on PBS Kids. Does everyone else already know about this? It’s an outstanding example of “science for girls” done right. We’ve only seen two episodes so far, but Alex, Colin, … Continue reading

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“Engineering for girls.”

This time last year, Alex was asking for a chemistry set for Christmas, and, coincidentally, the blogosphere was fulminating about those horrible pink “science kits for girls” that focus on make-up and perfume. My three favorite posts on the subject … Continue reading

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Beast Academy had us doing a simple pendulum experiment today, as an enrichment activity in the chapter on measurement. We taped a pendulum made from dental floss and a metal weight to the top of the kitchen doorway. Alex swung … Continue reading

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Cabbage chemistry!

Today, as part of RSO Chemistry, we did one of the really classic homeschool science experiments: making pH indicator out of red cabbage. I’ve heard of lots of people doing it, but I was still rather surprised when it actually … Continue reading

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Splitting water.

We did an electrolysis experiment in chemistry today, running electrical current from a 9-volt battery into a glass of salt water to split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. In this picture, you can see a steady stream of … Continue reading

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Messing around with liquids.

I haven’t posted about RSO Chemistry for a million years, have I? The lessons are usually so chaotic (with two seven-year-olds and a three-year-old participating) that I don’t have much breathing room. I have mixed feelings about the curriculum as … Continue reading

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For the birds.

The best money I ever spent on science education bought this $17 bird feeder. I bought it shortly after we moved from our old red-brick neighborhood to our new green-trees neighborhood. It hangs opposite the picture window in our kitchen, … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Air & Space Museum!

We wrapped up our study of The Glorious Flight with a trip to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. It was our first trip to D.C. since before Colin was born – with very young kids, there isn’t much that … Continue reading

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The wonder of flight.

I was pretty much born to do this lesson. After reading about Bleriot, I knew we needed to do some science where Alex learned about flight, but I also knew that I couldn’t get too technical or I’d lose her … Continue reading

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Chemical family resemblance.

Alex’s friend B came over this morning for another great session of RSO Chemistry. I really like this curriculum. I keep meaning to take pictures of our activities to show you guys, but keeping up with two excited first graders … Continue reading

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“My favorite element: Ununoctium.”

I love this kid: The scan cut off some of her answers, which wobbled into and down the margin: Why is it your favorite element? Becuse it will be namd after me.[1] Write down four facts you learned about your … Continue reading

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Alexium, and other news from our week.

I was so proud of myself for posting almost every day last week – getting back into the swing of blogging! Then Michael and I figured out how to watch the second season of Sherlock, and that sucked up every … Continue reading

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