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Grandmother’s famous cranberry bread.

You can’t very well read a book about a famous cranberry bread recipe without making cranberry bread. I asked Alex how the bread would rise if we weren’t adding yeast. She knew that the baking powder and baking soda would … Continue reading

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We continued our focus on food in Cranberry Thanksgiving with a series of science experiments using starch. The dapper villain of the story is initially described as “starched,” and when his villainy is discovered the author notes that “all the … Continue reading

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Food in all its variety.

Cranberry Thanksgiving centers on an elaborate Thanksgiving feast, so it seemed like a good book for talking about nutrition. When we read the book we paid careful attention to what the characters ate for dinner: roast turkey, corn pudding, peas, … Continue reading

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Today, for the first time, Michael was in charge of an art lesson from Five in a Row. He did a great job with it! The book has a striking illustration in which the characters are silhouetted against the fireside. … Continue reading

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Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Like virtually every other Five in a Row family in the United States, this week we’re studying Cranberry Thanksgiving, by Wende and Harry Devlin. Maggie’s grandmother prides herself on her secret recipe for cranberry bread, and she fears that Maggie’s … Continue reading

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