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Cardinal directions.

For our final day with Katy and the Big Snow, we went back down to the block city Alex created in the basement, bringing along some little dolls and animals. Katy features maps and compass directions prominently in both the … Continue reading

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Emerging from the blizzard.

Everything went a lot smoother today. Alex says it’s because she slept better last night. Maybe so. This morning she and I made pictures of snowy scenes. We drew outdoor scenes with markers on colored paper and then splattered watered-down … Continue reading

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Snow, snow, snow.

This was our sixth day of being snowed in, and the strain is definitely beginning to show. You can pretty much assume that all the activities I describe here happened before a meltdown or after a meltdown. There were blizzard … Continue reading

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Katy, Day 2.

In Katy and the Big Snow, essential city services are paralyzed by the snowstorm. They need Katy to dig them out so that they can perform their functions: the fire department needs to put out a fire, the doctor needs … Continue reading

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Alex and the Big Snow.

We’re snowed in. Over the weekend, we got more than two feet of snow, the most ever recorded in one snowfall in Baltimore. Tomorrow, the National Weather Service is predicting that we’ll get hit with another 10-20 inches. It could … Continue reading

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