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The rest of Colin’s week with Lentil.

Science was definitely the highlight of our Five in a Row study of Lentil, but we packed lots of other great things into the week as well. Colin was a story detective, looking and listening for clues that would answer … Continue reading

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Return to Five in a Row: Science with Lentil.

The other night, rocking in Daddy’s lap in the darkened bedroom, Colin looked up at Michael and said, “You know what, Daddy? I think Lentil is fiction. The things could have happened in real life, but you can usually tell … Continue reading

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At the exciting climax of Lentil, Old Sneep is able to derail all the preparations the town has made for a parade in honor of its most notable citizen simply by noisily and publicly sucking a lemon. Everyone’s mouth puckers … Continue reading

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Charcoal portraits.

The pictures in Lentil are charcoal drawings. (The Five in a Row manual frames this as an artistic choice, but in Make Way for McCloskey: A Robert McCloskey Treasury the artist explains that he chose his famously monochromatic style because … Continue reading

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OK, so that’s maybe a little over-the-top. Still, today we mostly did science experiments having to do with acoustics. I had been planning to just do some experiments around the house, but Alex expressed interest in going back to the … Continue reading

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Our new book is the only Robert McCloskey book I never read as a child: Lentil. It’s the rather odd story of a music-loving boy who is unable to whistle because he lacks the ability to pucker his lips. He … Continue reading

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