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Cats and other nighttime animals.

I spent all day yesterday at a faculty retreat, so we finished up Papa Piccolo today with our science lesson. I wasn’t that taken with the science lessons in the manual. Fortunately, Angela at Satori Smiles was there before us. … Continue reading

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Grapes and beads.

I’m sick, so expect this update to contain rather less enthusiasm than usual. Yesterday was our Language Arts day with Papa Piccolo. The book is full of interesting vocabulary words describing movement – “scampered,” “wheeled,” “pranced” – and so I … Continue reading

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Homeless cats: the nonfiction version.

Papa Piccolo is an alley cat by choice, but the kittens he adopts were abandoned – left in a cardboard box on a bridge. For today’s main Five in a Row lesson, Michael took the kids to the Maryland SPCA … Continue reading

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Papa Piccolo.

We were definitely ready for a lighter book this week. We’re studying Papa Piccolo, by Carol Talley. It’s the story of a Venetian alley cat who somewhat reluctantly adopts, or is adopted by, two orphaned kittens. He rises to the … Continue reading

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