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Honey Harvest Festival.

Today we visited the Honey Harvest Festival at Oregon Ridge Nature Center. In the Nature Center itself we sampled different varieties of honey, tried some mead, examined beekeeping gear and an empty hive, watched a man making beeswax candles, and … Continue reading

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Wrapping up The Bee Tree.

We finished up The Bee Tree today by reading the book one last time and studying the pictures carefully. Patricia Polacco’s illustrations have a lot of humor and detail to them, and even on this fifth time through the book … Continue reading

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Prospecting for gold.

In The Bee Tree, there’s a throwaway reference to a character named Klondike Bertha, who “just came back from an expedition to the Yukon.” There isn’t any more detail to it, but the Five in a Row manual suggests taking … Continue reading

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Sending bee messages.

Today was Bee Communication Day. We began with a lesson on pheromones. Through our reading, we had already encountered the idea that bees communicate with chemical signals. I explained that different pheromone scents carry different messages for bees to decode. … Continue reading

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The Bee Tree.

Alex pleaded, and I gave in. We’re doing Five in a Row this week. I did explain to her that it’s a lot of work, and that we’re not willing to put in the effort if she doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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