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Today we finished up Three Names with a couple of art lessons. The illustrations are beautiful watercolors of prairie scenes – strong light, wide skies, rippling grass. As we paged through the book looking at them, I had Alex find … Continue reading

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We made butter today, because some sort of foray into the home arts is necessary when you study pioneer times. And because it’s a history and a science lesson all in one. And because how cool is it to actually … Continue reading

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Tornadoes and similes. Sometimes together.

Three Names doesn’t exactly have a plot – it’s more a rambling series of episodes strung together – but one of the more dramatic elements is a prairie tornado. Yesterday Michael and Alex explored the topic of tornadoes together. The … Continue reading

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Three Names.

This week we’re back to Five in a Row. We’re studying Three Names, by Patricia MacLachlan, who is better known for the Newbery Award-winning Sarah, Plain and Tall. It’s a gentle and rambling story about 19th century prairie life, featuring … Continue reading

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