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Wrapping up Scotland and Wee Gillis.

We finished up our Wee Gillis study today, because we’re leaving early tomorrow morning to spend the holiday weekend with my parents. It’s been a really fun week! I’ve been feeling as though some of our recent Five in a … Continue reading

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Deep breaths.

From calling cows for his Lowlands relatives and holding his breath while stalking deer with his Highlands relatives, Wee Gillis develops uncommonly powerful lungs. Today for their science lesson, Michael helped the kids measure their own lung capacity. Michael put … Continue reading

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Wee Gillis

Wee Gillis is the story of a young Scottish boy who is continually bounced between two sets of relations: his mother’s family, cattle farmers in the Lowlands, and his father’s family, hunters in the Highlands. Pressured to “choose forever” between … Continue reading

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Planning FIAR.

My friend Charlotte is doing Five in a Row for summer enrichment. She asked me for a post about my planning process. I sat down at the end of May and made a schedule of which Five in a Row … Continue reading

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